The worlds most normal sheep.I'm a 2D Animator, Artist, & Vtuber dad.
Twitch streamer with a messy schedule!


Hi! My names Lamb, or Nebu.
I'm a 22 year old 2D Animator from Australia. I specialize in animation Coloring, but like to churn out my own work when i have the time!
I stream a few times a week over on twitch, where i either show my work process, or i'm playing horror games. I'm a huge horror enthusiast, so expect spooks!
He/They pronouns for me. I am intersex! If you don't know what that means, check the FAQ!


Why are your accounts 16+?
My content is often very suggestive or dives into horror subjects i am not comfortable discussing with children. Sorry!
What programs do you use?
Clip studio paint for animation & art, sony vegas pro for editing, Live2D for vtuber models.
What is 'Intersex'?
Intersex is a umbrella term for people who were born with some sort of deviation from typical male or female sex characteristics. I grew up without my body developing the majority of its hormones, meaning i have to take them all manually! I'm a bit of a mess of both genders, but legally am a man. I choose to sound feminine simply because i enjoy the sound of it better, but this doesn't mean im a girl!
You're welcome to call me a femboy, just don't make it weird.Are you affiliated with/inspired by/etc Cult of the Lamb?
I have nothing to do with COTL nor was my design inspired by the game. It's a great game, but i don't know how to tell yall that the concept of demons and lambs existed before the game. LOL
Do you only take commissions through VGEN?
No! I mostly use VGEN for organisation purposes. If you don't want to commission me through there, you are welcome to DM me directly through twitter, or at my business email: [email protected]
Character references?
All of Lambs references are avaliable VIA my discord server, or here: Refs

Model Credits

OG Lamb: Chinjireta
Rigging: Me!

Furry Lamb: Octoberrk
Rigging: Me!

Gremlin Lamb: Hellvedica
Rigging: Me!

Chibi Lamb: All me baby!!!!!!!

Furry Lamb 3D: Mari Maru
Edits (Horns & Hair) by Crowned Corvid

Pride Lamb 3D: Bratbun

Human Lamb 3D: AxelCode

Stream Avatars:

Additional emotes:

My updated 2024 porfolio is currently not finished. You are welcome to view my old one, but please keep in mind it does not reflect my current abilities!
You can find my old portfolio here;